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Alyx MacAdams

Alyx has offered trainings for 10 years, and has expertise working with organizations who serve children, youth, and families.

Ambit consultant

I have been facilitating trans-inclusion workshops with service providers, educators, community groups, and businesses in Montreal and Victoria/Lkwungen Territories (where I currently live) for ten years. I consistently see that when agencies adapt their services to be more accessible and inclusive, they make it possible for transgender and gender diverse people to live more fully.

Alyx has short brown hair and thick rimmed glasses. They are at the beach in a black t-shirt. Selfie!

The rewards of doing this work are clear – trans and gender diverse people receive what they need, organizations have transformative experiences serving people who feel acknowledged, cared for, and safe, and communities inevitably strengthen.

In addition to offering trainings through Ambit, I am a Master’s of Social Work student at the University of Victoria where I am studying how services can improve at meeting the needs of trans children and youth. My professional experience includes:

  • Trans Inclusion Coordinator – Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC)
  • Trans Inclusion Workshop Developer & Facilitator – VSAC
  • C.A.L.L. Out! Workshop Facilitator
  • Prevention Coordinator & Educator – Project Respect, VSAC
  • Bystander Intervention Workshop Developer & Facilitator – University of Victoria
  • Training Coordinator, Outreach Program and Crisis Line – SACOMSS, McGill University

Community-Based Work

  • Families of Trans and Gender Creative Children and Youth Support Group – Creator and Facilitator
  • Trans Care BC – Practicum Student

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting