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About Ambit

We’re here to help.

What we offer


Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting offers professional development for companies who are committed to offering just and dignified service, and creating affirming work environments, for trans, gender diverse, and two-spirit people.

Vision (#goals)

To create a community where all gender identities and expressions will be valued, respected, and celebrated.


AGDC commits to:

1. Client Satisfaction

We know that if you’re satisfied with our services, gender diverse clients will likely be more satisfied with your services. Everybody wins! So we’ll do everything we can to make sure our training is relevant to your context and offers concrete and actionable ideas for change.

2. Adapt & Evolve

We’ll pursue continual growth and learning, just as we ask of our clients. Cultural change is happening faster than ever, and we’re committed to keeping up with the times.

3. Integrity & Accountability

What’s the point of learning new things if not to create change in our ways of being and doing. We’ll put our learning and feedback, both from clients and from the trans and queer community, into practice.

4. Self Reflect

We know that the most impactful change always has to start on an individual level. By focusing on change from within, change in systems, institutions, and society at large will inevitably follow.

“Imagine that you are taking the risk of learning something new, including perhaps, something new about yourself. What would you need to guide you in this process? I know what I need and what I have experienced with Kingsley as facilitator in a very challenging group situation. Kingsley provided encouragement, support, and guidance for all individual participants, and also respected the integrity of the group as a whole… Kingsley creatively generated ideas, stimulated insight, and ensured a careful balance of emotional process and material content.” – Lorinda Allix, Counsellor and Workshop Attendee, Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

“Kingsley was an excellent facilitator: patient, energetic, and very knowledgable. Our team left the workshop feeling empowered and better prepared to work with the trans population. Overall, this workshop allowed us to ensure that our organization is an inclusive space for all young people in our city that are in need of housing.” -Jennifer Delaney, Manager, Threshold Housing Society

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting