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Trans inclusion training for everyone

Office buildings glisten in the morning light with many offices getting ready for another day of work.

Diverse gender expression and exploration are valuable elements of our ever-evolving communities. It’s important for contemporary businesses to understand, embrace, and adapt to these exciting cultural shifts.

For companies that want to do better

It’s really clear that companies care. People want to do good and they don’t want to alienate their staff or customers. And they want to keep up with new human rights progress and best practices. But it’s not always clear how to proceed.

We can help with that.

Helping businesses stay current

“Sensitivity training” is still important. But we don’t call it that. Together, we can broaden what it really means to be inclusive, and to make sure that your business is identifying and meeting the needs of all the clients you are serving.

Services for your team

Whether it’s serving clients better, working with staff needs, or engaging your community, we can provide training and programs to help you and your team excel:

  • consultation
  • training and follow up
  • workshop series
  • lunch hour sessions
  • one-on-one executive coaching
  • strategic visioning
  • policy analysis
  • website review
  • customized offerings

More about our services 

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting