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Terms & Conditions for Contracts with Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting


Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon:

  • Any quotes provided are calculated based on an assumption of up to 20 participants. Quotes are subject to change if there are more than 20 people in the session.
  • All quotes only cover the services agreed upon. If additional services are required, an additional quote must first be negotiated.
  • Any quotes provided are exclusive of GST and mileage.
  • Mileage of $2.00/km is charged when the round trip is 20km or greater. This fee covers the cost of gas, car expenses, as well as the facilitator’s travel time.
  • Any quotes for travel expenses are estimates only, and will be shifted to reflect actual costs at the time of travel. Receipts can be provided upon request.
  • Invoice payments are due within 30 days of the service delivery date. In cases where multiple sessions are delivered, invoices are due within 30 days of the last service delivery date. In cases where Ambit is offering consulting on an ongoing or long term basis, Ambit will invoice for the portion of services delivered on a monthly basis.
  • Rather requesting a deposit, Ambit will charge a 25% cancellation fee (to a maximum of $500) if a workshop, training, or any other service is cancelled within 14 days of the agreed service delivery date. Ambit will charge a 10% admin fee (to a maximum of $200) if a workshop needs to be rescheduled (change of date) or altered (in content, duration, deliverables, or any other factor which significantly shifts the services originally agreed upon) within 14 days of the service delivery date. Minor changes (i.e. shifts in the time of day of a training) will not be charged the 10% admin fee unless other factors (in content, duration, deliverables, …) are also shifting.
  • Any quotes provided will be valid for 6 months. After 6 months, Ambit reserves the right to renegotiate a quote based on the current fee schedule.


Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon:

  • Ambit trainings are adaptable, and respond to the emergent needs and desires participants/clients. Any agendas or proposed deliverables are for reference only, and are guides for the intended outcomes of the workshop.
  • Any material presented in an Ambit workshop is not to be reproduced without explicit consent from Ambit.
  • Any Ambit materials that are reproduced or shared must maintain Ambit branding and credit to Ambit as the source.

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