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Ambit is working with School Districts and other youth programs in the CRD to bring new “gender identity and gender expression” policies to life. Please keep checking back through the year for updates, which will include book lists, videos to use in class, Two-Spirit resources, and more!

The links below offer ideas on general curriculum for exploring gender and sexuality that are age/grade appropriate, and resources for parents and families. You can also find Positive Space stickers here.

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“Shoreline Staff (SD61) were pleased to host Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting for an afternoon of professional development (Nov. 2017). Having launched a new GSA club in the fall of 2017, we were appreciative of the learning and discussion generated by the workshop. New learning included relevant statistics, gender vocabulary (re)defined, continuums outlined and social emotional well-being portrayed through a different lens. Case scenarios pertaining to students, parents and educators were discussed and staff questions were welcomed. Staff left the workshop grateful with new tools to use in the classroom. We would highly recommend Ambit as a leading educational resource.”
Michelle Haidar, Vice-Principal | Shoreline Community School

“I attended an Ambit workshop on gender and sexuality for parents at Vic High. I was impressed with the presentation (and with the parents!), and am very pleased with Ambit’s presence in our community as SD61 and the larger community commit to SOGI justice and equality.”
Diane McNally | SD61 Board of Education Trustee