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Media: HR Reporter on Gender Identity Where does your workplace discussion begin?

As a result of our work with BC Transit, Ambit made the pages of the May 2018 issue of the Canadian HR Reporter: The National Journal of Human Resource Management. Here’s what Nora Reid, Strategy and Engagement Manager for BC Transit, had to say:

“Following the announcement of the Human Rights Code Amendment Act in 2016, BC Transit created a Transgender and Gender Diverse Employees policy. This policy confirms BC Transit’s commitment to creating a safe, positive and inclusive workplace in which people of all genders identities and expressions are valued, respected and have equal access to opportunities.

BC Transit also worked with a company called Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting to provide training to explain the purpose of the new policy and how to put it into practice. The training was provided to all human resources staff then to all our employees in supervisory roles.

Since then, we have updated our Code of Conduct and established a universal washroom in our main transit centre for our employees. The majority of the various washrooms used by our over 600 transit operators while on the road have always been universal.” 
Nora Reid, Strategy and Engagement Manager | BC Transit

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