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Trainings with BC Transit ripple into community

Randie Johal, BC Transit Service Delivery Manager, and Kingsley, Ambit Trainer, pose in front of the BC Transit logo.

It was a great pleasure to offer Gender Diversity trainings to BC Transit as they continue their work of creating an affirming and supportive workplace for all their staff members, from those who make things happen behind the scenes at the office to those on the front lines of service delivery.

As an agency that exists to physically connect our community, itʼs heartening to see that BC Transit is committed to connection on a personal level as well. Because when people are dedicated to doing the work on the small scale, the cascade of positive change inevitably reaches further and further. Iʼm excited to watch how the learnings from the Ambit trainings ripple into the community!

General Manager Dave, Kingsley, and Service Manager Kerry

David Guthrie, General Manager – Victoria Operations (left) and Kerry Gauvin, Service Delivery Manager (right), with Kingsley Strudwick

“As an employer, our understanding of diversity is evolving. This means that we need effective and holistic ways of communicating that positively impact the culture while naturally leading us to use trans inclusive language in our everyday life.  I was really impressed with the training we received from Kingsley. I am now putting this training into practice and I am finding that it is easy and natural to make the transition into everyday language and culture.” – David Guthrie, General Manager, BC Transit Victoria

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