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INgrooves Music Group (and an excuse to praise Laura Jane Grace)

A picture of the band Against Me (with lead singer Laura Jane Grace at the front) with an image of there newest album in the lower left corner. The INgrooves logo is in the top left corner.

Screen shot - Image shared with permission from INgrooves.

INgrooves Music Group, a leader in the independent music distribution and marketing industry, provides independent labels, established artists and other content owners with the most transparent and scalable distribution tools including analytics, rights management services, and thoughtful marketing solutions to maximize sales in today’s dynamic global marketplace.” The first time I went to the INgrooves website, the first picture that appeared in their image carousel was of Against Me! and their totally bad-ass lead singer Laura Jane Grace. Seeing my high school (and current) punk rock hero on their home page only reaffirmed that INgrooves was definitely a company I’d love to work with.

I got connected with INgrooves through their Head of HR, David Kroes, who was a speaker at the Disrupt HR event last fall. David was speaking on talent development (as an alternative to “performance management”), and I was speaking about how to do better for trans folx (as per usual). There was clearly some overlap in our content, and since then, Ambit has been able to offer some policy development guidance to INgrooves so that they are better equipped to support trans, non-binary, and two spirit staff, clients, and their networks if/when they need it.

For those who are interested, check out this video if you want to fall (more) in love with Laura Jane Grace, and you can find their 2014 album Transgender Dysphoria Blues as well as their most recent (2016) album Shape Shift With Me, on their website.


Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: FULL INTERVIEW

Laura Jane Grace, the transgender lead singer for rock band Against Me!, was in the red chair to talk about the band’s new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

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