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Hello There

A picture of business cards on a wooden table. The front is red and says Hello There in white text. The back says, instead of using words like ladies and gentleman, guys, sir, ma'am, etc, try using folks, y'all everyone... Using gender neutral language respects and acknowledges a person's gender identity, and removes assumption.

Just a casual reminder that these awesome business cards exist! We have have a bunch printed, so if you want some, get in touch! They’re super useful, especially at restaurants, when your well-intentioned server continues to sir or ma’am you and/or your friends, and you want to hello-2address it, but you don’t want to turn it into “a thing.” Now you can just leave a card for them, get in touch with Ambit to handle the deep gender convos, and carry on enjoying that delicious burrito.

These cards were created by Toni Latour – download the cards, and check out more of Toni’s work here.

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