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Queer and Trans positive yoga

A dark green banner with "Sacred geometry (i.e. lots of circles and triangles) with the text LGBT2sQIA Yoga in white.

Many of the things I find compelling about yoga – the fluidity, creativity, playfulness, intention, groundedness, and spiritual connection – are also the things that I love about being queer and trans…

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On Pride & showing up

It’s pride week in Victoria, which will culminate in the Victoria Pride Parade and Festival on Sunday, July 10th. And with each year that passes, rain or shine, more and more people of all orientations, expressions, and identities, show up…

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Hello There

A picture of business cards on a wooden table. The front is red and says Hello There in white text. The back says, instead of using words like ladies and gentleman, guys, sir, ma'am, etc, try using folks, y'all everyone... Using gender neutral language respects and acknowledges a person's gender identity, and removes assumption.

Just a casual reminder that these awesome business cards exist!

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Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting