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Workshop: Gender Diversity Education for Counsellors BCACC Region 2 Workshop – Victoria, BC

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Gender Diversity Education for Counsellors

Presented by Alyx MacAdams and Kingsley Strudwick

Diverse gender expression and exploration are valuable elements of our ever-evolving communities. It is important for counsellors to embrace and adapt to these cultural shifts and to understand the challenges and excitements that trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit clients and their families may experience.

What you will learn

Alyx MacAdams and Kingsley Strudwick will introduce frameworks for understanding gender beyond the binary, offer space to practice new language, and explore strategies for applying these learnings on an individual, relational, and systemic level.

Session information

Date:              Saturday, June 02
Time:             10:00 AM – 2:30 PM (9:45 AM for registration, networking).
Address:        Main Floor Lounge, 1246 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC V8V 3B5 (street parking available)

Cost:              This is a BCACC Member Only workshop:
$40.00 plus GST- Please arrange for your own Lunch.
$54.00 plus GST- Buffet Lunch Included.

Register through the BCACC website here.

About the presenters

Kingsley Strudwick, founder of Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting, has been working in the community engagement and education sectors for ten years. Kingsley’s work focuses on transforming relationships as a means for greater social change.

Alyx MacAdams is an MSW student and has been working with youth and as a workshop facilitator for ten years. Currently, their community work and research is focused on improving care for trans children, youth, and their primary caregivers.

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