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Media: Moving Trans History Forward Conference aimed at LGBTQ+ community, and beyond

Tote bag that reads "TG Chair in Transgender Studies" on a wooden background.

Ambit caught some light in Vic News, Monday Magazine, and the Sooke News Mirror recently (article by Kristyn Anthony), speaking about the upcoming “Moving Trans History Forward” conference, hosted at the University of Victoria from March 22-25, 2018. Here’s a snippet:

Here in Victoria, Kingsley has been slowly chipping away at those changes as the founder of Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting, offering trans inclusion training to businesses, community groups and most recently – members of St. George’s Anglican Church.

“There’s definitely been more and more uptake, which reflects the community desire to engage in conversations like these,” says Kingsley, thankful to have a space to engage in intergenerational conversations with people he describes as “thoughtful” and “keen to continue the dialogue.”

A lot of the work Ambit does is focused on bridging seemingly different communities, Kingsley says, but the conference is unique in that it provides an opportunity to do that bridging work within communities.

So often people don’t hear about the impact their work has on the ground, Kingsley explains. Because the transgender community is one that often “meets” online, it’s just so important to see people face to face, he says.

“That gives me that fuel and memory as to why I’m doing the work, and propels me forward…It’s so deeply important to honour the work we’ve done to bring us to this cultural moment,” Kingsley says. “[But] part of the conversation has to be about what isn’t in the archives and witnessing whose histories are usually maintained and whose are strategically or subconsciously left out.”

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