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Public courses are here! Win a registration into Ambit's first public offering

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Until now, our courses have been private, custom, in-house events, and they’ve been awesome chances for group learning and team growth. We’re inspired by the people, companies and organizations that bring us in.

Now, we’re very excited to announce our first public enrolment course! We’re calling this two hour offering, “Gender Diversity in the Workplace” and we’re inviting everyone.

This is a great opportunity for a manager, HR rep, or front line worker to gain valuable knowledge about accessibility and workplace culture to share with your colleagues. This is for students and practitioners who want to bring a gender affirming lens to their field. This is for community members to learn to make their neighbourhoods more supportive and welcoming for gender diverse people.

A photo of 4 workshop participants sitting in a circle during an anctivity in an Ambit training. They are each holding a worksheet.

The workshop price is $95 and over Pride week (July 1-9) we’ll be giving out discounts and having a draw for 3 free registrations into this course! So if you see us at the Victoria Pride Festival* (July 9 12:00-6:00 p.m.), ask for a coupon for you, or your friend or colleague that you want to invite, and enter into the contest!

*Note: If you aren’t able to attend the Pride festival, please feel free to get in touch about receiving a coupon code and/or being entered into the draw :)

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