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Workshop with Hemma: the home of yoga and acupuncture Deepening conversations on accessibility in holistic healthcare spaces

A photo of Michael (founder of hemma, acupuncturist, & yoga teacher), Alison (front deskfront desk staff, yoga teacher, & and homebody coordinator), and Kelly (manager)

Michael Lium-Hall (founder of hemma, acupuncturist, & yoga teacher), Alison Heard (front desk staff, yoga teacher, & and homebody coordinator), and Kelly Yaskiw (manager) after an Ambit training.

My hope for many workshops that Ambit facilitates is that people will come away having even more questions about the content than they did when they arrived.

Alison hold up a postcard that says 'Gender is Tender' outside the doors of hemma

Alison Heard, feeling the tenderness of gender after an Ambit workshop :)

For this reason, and many others, working with Hemma Yoga and Acupuncture has been an all around wonderful experience. Throughout our 90-minute training together, I appreciated that the group of practitioners, teachers, and homebodies (volunteers) weren’t rushing to find “answers” to improving practices and accessibility, but instead were committed to asking intentional and nuanced questions about the complexities of gender, the vastness of expression, and the inadequacies of language.

Amber, a yoga teacher and herbalist, holds a postcard that says "gender expression (not-equal-to sign) gender identity'

Amber Fox, a yoga teacher at hemma and medical herbalist

I was humbled by the groups commitment to self reflection, and loved witnessing their values of continual learning and transformation being put into practice. And we got to have some laughs, which is such an important part of the process, too :) Hemma was an inspiring group to work with, and I’m look forward to staying connected!


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