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It’s never too early to talk about gender Child and youth care providers instrumental in supporting gender creative kids and families

Kingsley Strudwick and Cindy Allen standing in from of Oaklands Community Association, a brick building.

Kingsley Strudwick, Ambit Trainer, and Cindy Allen, Out of School Care Program Coordinator for Oaklands Community Association.

Many thanks to Oaklands Community Association, Burnside Gorge Community Centre, and Rogers Child Care Centre, for engaging in an experiential workshop from Ambit. We worked through frameworks for understanding gender diversity, practiced new language, and navigated through scenarios, which all required participants to find ways forward that were rooted in their own knowledge and experience in the field.

It was clear that supporting gender creative kids and their families was a priority for those in attendance. Perhaps the most important takeaway was that we have so much to learn from our young ones about being adaptable, malleable, and curious. So much gratitude to all those in the child and youth care field who are committed to creating affirming environments for kids of all gender expressions and identities to explore their full potential.

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