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What’s the Ambit experience really like?

Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say

“I was tremendously impressed with the Gender Diversity workshop that I was privileged to attend at BCAA. First of all, Kingsley is a gifted facilitator – able to distill and communicate complex concepts that imparted knowledge, and most importantly, empathy. It inspired me regarding inclusivity for both our internal employees and our customers. Ambit’s work is going to change the world for the better, I know that for sure. We are embarking on a new era – I recommend all organizations embrace the opportunity to lead the way!”
Meghan Hill, Senior Manager
Customer Care and Engagement | BCAA

“Kingsley’s workshop exceeded our expectations. Not only did we review a framework for understanding gender beyond the binary, but Kingsley was able to draw on the depth of personal experience to inspire us to really think about gender-affirming workplace practices as well as strategies for applying these learnings within all levels of our organization.”
Kane Kilbey, Associate Vice President
Human Resources | University of Victoria

“I attended an Ambit workshop on gender and sexuality for parents at Vic High. I was impressed with the presentation (and with the parents!), and am very pleased with Ambit’s presence in our community as SD61 and the larger community commit to SOGI justice and equality.” Diane McNally, Board of Education Trustee
School District 61 (Greater Victoria)

“As an employer, our understanding of diversity is evolving. This means that we need effective and holistic ways of communicating that positively impact the culture while naturally leading us to use trans inclusive language in our everyday life. I was really impressed with the training we received from Kingsley. I am now putting this training into practice and I am finding that it is easy and natural to make the transition into everyday language and culture.”
David Guthrie, General Manager
Victoria Regional Transit Operations | BC Transit

“Kingsley was an excellent facilitator: patient, energetic, and very knowledgable. Our team left the workshop feeling empowered and better prepared to work with the trans population. Overall, this workshop allowed us to ensure that our organization is an inclusive space for all young people in our city that are in need of housing.”
Jennifer Delaney, Manager
Threshold Housing Society

“Kingsley’s workshop to our team in Student Affairs was exceptional. His ability to effectively engage a very diverse audience and provide a framework for understanding gender beyond the binary created an incredibly powerful learning experience. Kingsley had spent considerable time researching the work done by our service areas and put together incredibly thoughtful and challenging scenarios for our teams that took the theoretical and made it personal. We look forward to working with Kingsley again and appreciate the importance of his work in helping us build an inclusive campus community.”
Jim Dunsdon, Associate Vice President
Student Affairs | University of Victoria

“Partnering with Kingsley and Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting to strengthen our knowledge and strategies around gender diversity and inclusiveness was an excellent choice for our team and BCAA. Kingsley listened to our needs and built a workshop, in a short timeframe, that both anticipated and exceeded our expectations. They expertly helped us build a foundation to further understand the complexity and sensitivities around diversity and did so in a manner that was incredibly accessible and engaging. We were encouraged to ask questions, reframe our perspectives, and explore any biases in an environment that was safe and comfortable to do so. As a group of HR professionals and senior management, we left Kingsley’s workshop armed with practical tools to further strengthen our diversity initiatives and better support our people. Thank you Kingsley and Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting. We look forward to partnering with you again!”
Emily Lord, CPHR Senior Manager,
People Services, People & Development | BCAA

“I want to say again how impressed I was with Ambit’s training; your candour and approachable nature put everyone at ease and allowed for authentic discussion. We’ve had some AWESOME conversations among staff since the training and we owe it to you and Lux both. Thanks again!”
Katie Ahern, Life Guard
Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre | City of Victoria

“I’m extremely pleased with the training Kingsley provided to BC Transit staff on gender diversity. Inclusiveness is a critical element of BC Transit’s business and its culture.  Kingsley delivered an engaging overview of the importance of embracing all genders, both in the workplace and within our communities. Kingsley’s knowledge of and passion for gender diversity make him a role model in guiding companies towards positive and inclusive cultural change.”
Greg Conner, Executive Director
Human Resources and Corporate Secretary | BC Transit

“Imagine that you are taking the risk of learning something new, including perhaps, something new about yourself. What would you need to guide you in this process? I know what I need and what I have experienced with Kingsley as facilitator in a very challenging group situation. Kingsley provided encouragement, support, and guidance for all individual participants, and also respected the integrity of the group as a whole… Kingsley creatively generated ideas, stimulated insight, and ensured a careful balance of emotional process and material content.”
Lorinda Allix, Counsellor
Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting