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Our Team

Kingsley Strudwick

Kingsley, founder of Ambit, has 10+ years experience as a facilitator with a focus on organizational change and client engagement.

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Lux Welsh

A photo of a sunset at Dallas Road (over the ocean). Lux has been a community organizer for 10+ years, and most recently, is supporting several local 2-spirit, queer and trans youth programs.

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Alyx MacAdams

Alyx has short brown hair and thick rimmed glasses. They are at the beach in a black t-shirt. Selfie!Alyx has offered trainings for 10+ years, and has expertise working with organizations who serve children, youth, and families.

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Julian Paquette

Julian, a white trans-masculine person stand outside in front of some bushes. He is smiling and wearing a black sweater and khaki pants. He is kneeling on grass with water in the backgroundJulian has published his writing in magazines, journals, and other platforms across Canada and the US. He is an LGBTQ2SIA+ rights advocate.

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Alexa Robin

A photo of Alexa (selfie) in front of a lattice gate with flowers growing on it.With a background in tech and community organizing, Alexa has years of experience as an activist, educator, facilitator, and supporter.

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