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Our Team

Kingsley Strudwick

Kingsley, founder of Ambit, has 10 years experience as a facilitator with a focus on organizational change and client engagement.

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Lux Welsh

A photo of a sunset at Dallas Road (over the ocean). Lux has been a community organizer for 8+ years, and most recently, is supporting several local 2-spirit, queer and trans youth programs.

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Alyx MacAdams

Alyx has short brown hair and thick rimmed glasses. They are at the beach in a black t-shirt. Selfie!Alyx has offered trainings for 10+ years, and has expertise working with organizations who serve children, youth, and families.

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Alexa Robin

A photo of Alexa (selfie) in front of a lattice gate with flowers growing on it.With a background in tech and community organizing, Alexa has years of experience as an activist, educator, facilitator, and supporter.

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Julian Paquette

Julian, a white trans-masculine person stand outside in front of some bushes. He is smiling and wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a purple tie. He is flipping a page in an old book.Julian Paquette has published his writing in magazines, journals, and other platforms across Canada and the US, is a gender and sexual diversity advocate.

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