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Gender diversity training with the Hotel Grand Pacific

A business card that says Hotel Grand Pacific sits on a large wooden table in a conference room. In the background are 5 office chairs that are around the table.

The Hotel Grand Pacific really does have a little bit of everything. They not only offer beautiful accommodation in the inner harbour, but also a full spa, a gym and pool at the Athletic Club, fantastic food offerings, as well as providing space for conferences, weddings, and many other community & business functions. So it’s not surprising that […]

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Hello There

A picture of business cards on a wooden table. The front is red and says Hello There in white text. The back says, instead of using words like ladies and gentleman, guys, sir, ma'am, etc, try using folks, y'all everyone... Using gender neutral language respects and acknowledges a person's gender identity, and removes assumption.

Just a casual reminder that these awesome business cards exist!

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Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting