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Gender Diversity in the Workplace


This two hour course is for everyone


This two hour course is for everyone. Kingsley Strudwick has ten years experience welcoming new and advanced learners to workshops, putting people at ease, and helping people from all backgrounds to adopt new frameworks that will improve our relationships with transgender, non-binary, and two-spirit people.

About the Course

Diverse gender expression and exploration are valuable elements of our ever-evolving communities. It is important for contemporary organizations to understand, embrace, and adapt to these exciting cultural shifts and to keep up with human rights progress. Ambit will introduce a framework for understanding gender diversity beyond the binary, offer examples of gender-affirming workplace practices, and explore strategies for applying these learnings on a personal, relational, and systemic level.

Learning objectives

What you’ll learn:

  • Frameworks for gender diversity
  • Language of trans inclusivity
  • Best practices for engagement
  • Pronouns and their importance
  • Embracing trans experience as an asset
  • How to identify and navigate barriers
  • How transform your workplace culture

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Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting