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One-on-one coaching

If you, or a person on your team, would benefit from having conversations about the importance of gender diversity in a private context, one-on-one executive coaching is a great option. At AGDC, we believe that one person with a changed perspective within a group, in fact, changes the perspective of the whole group. Choosing one-on-one coaching reflects an understanding that large scale change has to start on an individual level (the good old ripple effect!).

This can also be an addition to any of the services offered above if there is a team member who is having difficulty understanding or accepting the progressive changes that your business is making. To promote your business as one that is gender-affirming, everyone on your team has to be on the same page, and learning inevitably takes time. If there are folks on your team who could use some personalized attention and catered education to help get on board with your companies changes, one-on-one coaching would be an excellent choice.

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