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What do you want your kid to call you? Expanding conversations about labour, birthing, and parenting with Mothering Touch

A whiteboard with black printing that says "What do you want to kid to call you?"

What a wonderful experience it was to have a training with Mothering Touch! In a room full of labour and birth coaches, doulas, breast feeding guides, and yoga instructors, we were able to both acknowledge the gendered roots of childbearing and parenting, and also to expand our collective imagination of all the possibilities we can create for […]

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Gender diversity training with the Hotel Grand Pacific

A business card that says Hotel Grand Pacific sits on a large wooden table in a conference room. In the background are 5 office chairs that are around the table.

The Hotel Grand Pacific really does have a little bit of everything. They not only offer beautiful accommodation in the inner harbour, but also a full spa, a gym and pool at the Athletic Club, fantastic food offerings, as well as providing space for conferences, weddings, and many other community & business functions. So it’s not surprising that […]

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Queer and Trans positive yoga

A dark green banner with "Sacred geometry (i.e. lots of circles and triangles) with the text LGBT2sQIA Yoga in white.

Many of the things I find compelling about yoga – the fluidity, creativity, playfulness, intention, groundedness, and spiritual connection – are also the things that I love about being queer and trans…

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Local meetings for parents of gender creative kids Grass roots group offering connections for families of trans & gender diverse children and youth in Victoria

A drawn image of a green tree line with a rainbow in the background. The text reads: Support group for parents and families of gender creative children and youth.

Updated Sept 2018 Parents of trans and gender creative kids in Victoria have come together to share resources and experiences. Collectively, they are learning how best to enable their kids to live fantastic, gender creative lives! And along with that, they are finding ways to support each other through the challenges that can arise, be […]

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