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Media: Oak Bay Half Marathoner advocates for gender inclusivity in sport ‘The most important thing is to try to make change’

Kingsley, a white masculine queer person, stands on a track wearing a black t-shirt that reads Oak Bay Half Marathon in white text. There are trees and a cloudy sky in the background.

Originally published by Oak Bay News on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 Kingsley Strudwick ran in Oak Bay’s half-marathon May 28 alongside 1500 other race participants and 150 youth in the Kids Run. A transgender Oak Bay resident, Strudwick has recently been reigniting his connection to sport. “Growing up, I was really active and involved in a […]

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INgrooves Music Group (and an excuse to praise Laura Jane Grace)

A picture of the band Against Me (with lead singer Laura Jane Grace at the front) with an image of there newest album in the lower left corner. The INgrooves logo is in the top left corner.

The first time I went to the INgrooves website, the first picture that appeared in their image carousel was of Against Me! and their totally bad-ass lead singer Laura Jane Grace. Seeing my high school (and current) punk rock hero on their home page only reaffirmed that INgrooves was definitely a company I’d love to work with.

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