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Alexa Robin

With a background in tech and community organizing, Alexa has years of experience as an activist, educator, facilitator, and supporter.

Ambit consultant

A photo of Alexa (selfie) in front of a lattice gate with flowers growing on it.I’m Alexa, a Trans Woman, Activist, and all around glamazon who grew up both on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe (Ojibway) people and here on unceded Coast Salish territories (including where I currently live, on W̱SÁNEĆ territories).

In my time on these lands I’ve witnessed an incredible and inspiring shift within our society, and especially southern Vancouver Island, towards inclusivity and towards making our workplaces, schools, and streets safe and comfortable for everyone – including Trans folks. Victoria is already undergoing so much growth and I’m honoured to be a part of that work and to support this ongoing learning through Ambit. This is an incredible, diverse, and wonderful city bursting with potential – and I can only imagine how much we, as a wider community, will accomplish when every one of us is recognized, cared for, safe, and empowered.

Although I come from a primarily Tech/Computer Science background (read: I’m a massive nerd), I also hold a deep connection to my community and have years of experience as an activist, educator, facilitator, and supporter. I hold my community very close to my heart, and above all other work I’m dedicated to dismantling Transmisogyny and the liberation of Trans Women and Transfeminine people.

Outside of my work with Ambit, I work as the Trans Inclusion Co-ordinator for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, manage and facilitate support groups for Trans folks through the Rainbow Health Co-op, and am pursuing further education.

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting