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Training with Independent Living Housing Society Finding parallels & overlaps between disability justice and trans justice

A group of 9 women stand in front of the entrance to the ILHS building. They are standing next to a red ILHS logo in the window.

Alexa and the ILHS Leadership Team after an Ambit training.

Yesterday was exciting for two reasons:

  1. Ambit was invited to facilitate a training with the Independent Living Housing Society, an organization that provides home-centred support for people living with disAbilities; and
  2. Alexa has joined the Ambit team, and it was our first day training together!

Our conversations with ILHS were very rich, and while some of the content about trans-ness and gender diversity was new to the participants, many parallels and overlaps were identified between disability justice and trans justice. The ILHS leadership team was very much able to take their expertise from their field, and apply many of the same principles to creating accessible and affirming spaces for trans and gender diverse clients and staff (some of whom also live with disAbilities).

Alexa Robin (Ambit Trainer), Tammy Khanna (Executive Director), and Kingsley Strudwick (Ambit Founder) pose for a selfie in front of the ILHS sign.

Alexa (Ambit Trainer), Tammy (Executive Director of ILHS), and Kingsley (Ambit Founder) after an Ambit training.

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